Threaded Fittings

Adapters, Bulkheads, Couplings, Crosses, Elbows, Plugs, Bushings & Tees.

Adapter Threaded Fittings

1/16 NPT Threaded Adapters
Pneumadyne’s adapter fitting features 1/16 NPT and 1/8 NPT (F) threads.
1/8 NPT Threaded Adapters
Pneumadyne’s adapter fitting features 1/8 NPT and 1/4 NPT (F) threads.
10-32 UNF Threaded Adapters
Two styles of Adapters with 10-32 (M) threads are available from Pneumadyne.

Bulkhead Threaded Fittings

Bulkhead Threaded Fittings
Pneumadyne’s Bulkhead fittings are available with two thread sizes.

Coupling Threaded Fittings

Coupling Threaded Fittings
Pneumadyne’s Threaded Coupling fittings feature 10-32 (F) threads.

Threaded Cross Fittings

Threaded Cross Fittings
Pneumadyne’s Threaded Cross fittings are available in both adjustable and fixed styles.

Elbow Threaded Fittings

Elbow Threaded Fittings
Adjustable, Fixed and Reducing Threaded Elbow fittings are available from Pneumadyne.

Nipple Threaded Fittings

Threaded Nipples
Two styles of Nipples are manufactured by Pneumadyne to meet connection requirements.

Plug Threaded Fittings

Plug Fittings
Pneumadyne’s Plug fittings are available with 8 thread sizes.

Reducer Bushing Threaded Fittings

Reducer Bushing Threaded Fittings
Pneumadyne manufactures Reducer Bushings with thread sizes ranging from ¼-28 UNF to ¼ NPT.

Tee Threaded Fittings

Adjustable Threaded Tees
Pneumadyne’s Adjustable Tee fitting is available with 10-32 UNF and10-32 (F) threads.
Fixed Threaded Tees
Three styles of threaded Fixed Tee fittings are available from Pneumadyne.
Threaded Reducing Tees
Pneumadyne’s Threaded Reducing Tees are available in standard and run tee configurations.
Threaded Run Tees
Pneumadyne’s Threaded Run Tees fittings are available with 10-32 male and female threads.