SCSQ10 Series Safety Valves

SCSQ10 safety valves allow for the soft start and soft shut-off of pneumatic systems. By slowly phasing in compressed air, these safety valves help extend the life of pneumatic systems and prevent undue issues.

  • Redundant valve assembly
  • Self-monitoring with integrated safety silencer
  • Valve interfaces allows direct mounting to PG series air prep
  • Not approved for press dutch and brake applications





Soft Start Function
The safety valve with soft start function provides for a controlled build-up of pressure at the valve output in two stages. Stage 1: The pressure builds up slowly depending on the setting of the throttle valve and the volume of the system to be filled. Stage 2: At a certain pressure level (ps) an internal pilot valve operates bypassing the throttle allowing full operating pressure at the valve outlet. This pressure level (ps) will be dependant on the operating pressure (po) of the system and can be estimated to be greater than 60 % of the operating pressure (ps > = 0.6 x po)

Filling Time (depending on throttle position of soft start valve)
From switching signal ON to pressure build-up 90% of rated pressureFilling Time

Exhausting Time
From switching signal OFF to pressure reduction to 10% of rated pressure
Exhausting Time