Competitive Cylinder Trade-Up Program

Trade-up to Bimba for Free*


Blue & Improved Original Line®—a cylinder that goes the extra mile.

Tired of replacing worn out non-repairable actuators and hoping the replacement model lasts longer? Try the new Blue & Improved Original Line® Cylinder, rated for 3000+** miles of travel and lubricated for life to ensure less hassle for the long haul. Stop the guesswork, and discover why the best use Bimba!

*Terms and conditions: The free offer is limited to standard catalog products. Competitive cylinders will be reviewed by Bimba’s Quality Assurance department to determine the mode of failure when possible. If applicable we will supply a free Original Line® cylinder as a replacement. If the failure cannot be addressed with a standard model as a replacement our Service Center will contact you to discuss our design recommendations.
**This life estimate may not include cylinders with design modifications, those exposed to harsh operating conditions or any unintended applications.

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