Introducing IntelliSense®, a technology platform enabling users to be proactive about maintenance and system optimization. A one-of-a-kind breakthrough in pneumatics, IntelliSense® combines sensors, cylinders, and software to deliver real-time performance data. Features and Benefits:

  • Predictive Diagnostics: Up-to-date condition information increases uptime
  • Remote Monitoring: Collect data and monitor machinery remotely
  • Machine Efficiency: Identify whether a component is achieving its performance specification
  • Maximizing Production: Proactively pinpoint under-performing components

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Composite Push-In Fittings:

These new fittings are a quick and convenient method of connecting components throughout a pneumatic system. Designed for use with polyurethane, polyethylene and nylon tubing, these fittings accommodate tube sizes ranging from 1/8 OD to 1/2 OD. The oval design of the release button provides a larger surface area making tubing disconnection easier than standard round style collets. A variety of configurations are available to accommodate connection requirements. Choose from:

  • Straight connectors
  • Elbows
  • Tees
  • Reducers
  • Bulkheads
  • Crosses

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Versagrip® Solenoid Pinch Valves:

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest solenoid pinch valve product line called Versagrip®, designed for flexible and affordable broad market applications. The line consists of three core models, each offered in four different standard configurations of single-tube normally open, single tube normally closed, dual tube toggling normally open-closed, and a headless cassette normally closed option. The line supports tubing OD ranges from 0.063 in. / 1.6mm MIN to 0.375 in. / 9.5 MAX, with average durometers of up to 60 Shore A and 15 psi media pressure. The 12 non-sensor parts are stocked and readily available for shipment in 1-2 days from receiving orders, and sensor added versions ship in 5-7 business days. All headed versions come with a manual override button for easy tube loading and replacement procedures. Accessories Include:

  • Model 900R PWM solenoid controller
  • Optical position state sensor
  • Custom requested manifolds for multi unit mounting

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MHRQ Rotary Actuators:

We continue to leverage the success of our MFD product series with the introduction of the MHRQ extruded rotary actuator. Highlights of the offering include:

  • Clean, compact extruded aluminum body for maximum mounting efficiency
  • Double-rack, rack & pinion with precise ball bearing
  • Magnetic piston for position-sensing included on all models
  • Multiple port locations included for plumbing flexibility
  • Four bore sizes, offering a range of torque output to 85 in-lb
  • Interchangeable with popular international brands (SMC MSQ Series)
  • 3D CAD files are available for download at
  • Step-by-step sizing spreadsheet simplifies model selection
  • Supported by significant inventory in Chicago, IL

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Designed to directly replace Reed Switches, EdgeSwitch™ features no moving parts for a longer, higher-performing lifespan. Every EdgeSwitch™ comes pre-tested for use with Bimba actuators, giving you a one-stop source for everything actuation. Benefits:

  • 2-wire solid state construction
  • Precise “edge detection” technology
  • Sensitive and accurate (25-750 Gauss Detection)
  • Faster switching time
  • 90° versions available

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Manifold PowerStrip:

Mead's Manifold PowerStrip™ (MPS) offers a simple solution to wiring manifold valve stacks. Features and benefits include:

  • Reduces installation time
  • Simplifies troubleshooting
  • Utilizes existing DIN style solenoid connection
  • Eliminate bundled wire sets with a single home-run cable
  • Integrated circuit protection and LEDs

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Angular and Parallel Grippers:

MFD's new gripper line features a robust, clean and compact extruded aluminum body design for maximum mounting efficiency. These grippers are suited for a broad range of general automation processes, including pick & place, material transfer, clamping, cramming, and indexing. Features and benefits include:

  • Angular models available in six bore sizes
  • Parallel models available in seven bore sizes and two finger types
  • Magnetic piston for position sensing included on all models
  • Double and single acting types available
  • Interchangeable with popular international brands

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    CAD Models:

    We are excited to announce the addition of TRD's CAD models to the Bimba website!

    The following are some highlights:

    • Same general features as Bimba's CAD model system
    • CAD models are now available for TRD's Series TA, TD, FM, TRA, RS, SS, SS-MS, TAS, MH, HH, PFLF, BTP and accessories
    • TRD products can be found under "Actuators-NFPA", and sub divided into Pneumatic or Hydraulic
    • You can attach accessories to each cylinder model
    • Product Datasheets are integrated with CAD models and are attached to drawing downloads
    • "Mobile Device Friendly"
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  • MythBuster Jamie Hyneman Joins Bimba's Product R&D Team:

    Hyneman is best known for his work on the popular television program “MythBusters”, but he has also been very active designing and prototyping a variety of innovative robotics platforms and will serve as Bimba's Director of Strategic Development. In this role he will consult and collaborate on strategic initiatives that are key to the fluid power industry's future.

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  • TRADE-UP to Bimba
    for FREE:

    Trade in any competitor's cylinder for a free analysis and receive a free Blue & Improved Original Line® Cylinder.

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