Customer Spotlight: Demon Dog

Distortions Unlimited has been making masks and monsters for haunted houses, movies and more, since 1978. Today, they have their own TV Show on the Travel Channel, "Making Monsters", which airs on Sundays at 8pm EST. They use a lot of Bimba cylinders, both pneumatic and electric, to provide the lifelike movements of their creations, making them scarier than ever.

The Demon Dog is one of their newest animatronic creatures that uses Bimba Original Line Electric® actuators to provide the lifelike movement. It also uses an Xbox Kinect that provides the ability for the dog to track people walking by, causing the Demon Dog’s head to follow them back and forth, as if he is watching you. He even responds to voice commands such as “Lie Down”, just like a real dog! It is amazing how much technology goes into these creatures these days.

We had our own Demon Dog that Distortions created featured at Pack Expo in Las Vegas. Placed in the front corner of the booth, he would watch people in the aisles walking by, moving his head back and forth, up and down, and growling at them occasionally.

Linear and rotary pneumatic cylinders are also used by Distortions for many of their creations. A replica of the band KISS uses both types of cylinders. They use our Pneu-Turn® rotary actuators for the head movement of the band members, and the linear Original Line® cylinders for the instrument playing and other movements. Pictured on the left is the early stages of the band member’s development.

Click here to watch the video of the finished product.

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