Introducing The Low Power Isonic® V2 Valve

The versatile Isonic® V2 series of 2 and 3-way, normally open/closed, in-line or manifold solenoid valves is now available with expanded voltage and power consumption options. High-strength engineered polymer construction results in a reliable, light weight (1.5 oz.) valve that comes standard with quick-connect fittings. The valves can be applied stand-alone, or via a patented quick-release manifold system.

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ISO 15552 (previously 6431) Now Available With Rod Locks

Bimba’s ISO 15552 (previously 6431) extruded body cylinder is now available with an optional rod lock, which allows the mechanical locking of the piston rod in any position along the stroke (locking at either rod end point is recommended). When the rod lock is exhausted (no presence of compressed air) the clamping mechanism is activated, locking/clamping the rod in position. Pressurizing the rod lock deactivates it, allowing the rod to move freely.

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Fittings For Any Application

Fittings provide the essential link between components in any pneumatic system. Pneumadyne’s extensive offering of barbed, threaded and push-to-connect styles accommodates numerous connector and tubing requirements. Manufactured from brass and stainless steel, fittings are available with thread sizes ranging from 10-32 to ½ NPT as well as metric M3, M5 and M6. Barb sizes range from 1/16 to 3/8 Tube ID and push-in connections fit 1/8 through 3/8 Tube OD. Custom fittings can also be manufactured to meet specific application requirements.

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Air Reservoir Product Expansion

Bimba added three new styles of air reservoirs to their existing models which are based off the non-repairable Original Line® design. The existing style has a stainless steel body and aluminum end caps. Two of the new styles will offer increased corrosion resistance and feature either stainless steel or plastic end caps. In addition to those three styles, a manifold version utilizes an extruded aluminum body and offers customers the opportunity to add multiple ports to the reservoir body based on the volume and length required.

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  • We set the standard. Now we’ve doubled the life.

    Clocking in at an industry-leading 3000+ miles of travel, the new blue & improved Bimba Original Line® cylinder is designed to leave the competition in the dust. This non-repairable, round body cylinder is also lubricated for life to ensure less hassle for the long haul.

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  • Introducing NPT Round Gauges

    MFD’s new Round NPT Gauges offer more precise readouts than square/flush gauges, allowing for pressure fine-tuning.

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  • Air Jet Bases Offering Expanded

    Commonly used in cooling, blow off and lubricating applications, the new AJB-1/8 features 1/8 NPT threads for direct connection in a manifold or valve port.

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