Customer Spotlight

customer spotlight

TramRite Air Seeder Shut Off Gates prevent seed waste by precisely stopping or starting the flow of seed to the seed meters.

customer spotlight

Original Line® cylinder with chamfered ports (top) and competitive cylinder (bottom).

In 2009 Jim Lafferty and TramRite, located in Fredericksburg, VA, developed a system to precisely stop the flow of seed on John Deere CSS Air Seeders. During this development, the need to save seed was identified, and TramRite Air Seeder Shut Off Gates were created. These are connected to a GPS system and turn individual rows off at headlands and point rows, preventing seed from flowing when the seeder head is raised or lowered.

This initial system used a competitor’s cylinders, which were causing problems. The cylinder ports were not chamfered, which caused the fitting seals to be cut, which resulted in air leaks. They were also seeing leakage across the rod gland seal, resulting in contamination and failure. To make matters worse, delivery times were weeks long, and TramRite needed replacements sooner than the competitor could supply them.

Bimba worked with TramRite to solve these problems using Bimba Original Line® cylinders, which have chamfered ports standard. This immediately eliminated the damage to the fitting seals, resulting in zero leaks. Bimba’s superior rod seal also reduced leakage and eliminated contamination. The Bimba failsafe option is also part of this solution, which provides a “biased” position when the cylinder is at rest (no pressure). A custom label featuring the customer’s name and website was also added onto the cylinder. Bimba was also able to ship these to the supplier within days, exceeding TramRite's delivery expectations.

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