Customer Spotlight

Pneumatic Vial Crimper Project

A manufacturer and distributor of vial crimping and decapping hand tools and equipment wanted to provide a new light-weight, pneumatically operated tool that could be used in sterile and clean room environments. The tools are used to attach aluminum, crimp-type seals onto vials and bottles, commonly used in laboratory and medical environments.

Design requirements called for a pneumatic piston that could exert 300 pounds of force, using a light-weight, small diameter package.

The engineering team at Bimba went to work, and designed a new cylinder to meet the requirements that were needed. The result was a specially designed package created specifically for this customer, and adapted to work with interchangeable crimping and decrimping heads.

With the support of Bimba, this customer successfully launched their new crimper unit, and have seen sales steadily increase and branch into the global level.