Bimba|Mead to Add Guided Slides to the MFD Product Family

The same superior value you have come to expect in MFD air preparation and valve products is now available in an actuator series. The MTCM/MTCL Extruded Slides are compact, rugged actuators designed to give you a long-lasting, cost-effective solution in space-constrained applications. Highlights of the new offering include:

  • Clean, compact extruded aluminum body for maximum mounting efficiency
  • Available with bronze bearings (heavy side-loading) or ball bushings (precision, high-speed)
  • Magnetic piston for position-sensing included on all models
  • Multiple port locations included for plumbing flexibility
  • Eight bore sizes (12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm) available in strokes up to 250mm
  • Interchangeable with popular international brands
  • Supported by 5,000 unit inventory in Chicago, IL
Application Need Product Style/Features Recommended Series
Space constraints Integral cylinder, extruded body ETS / ETS-X
Long Stroke Block style with OL cylinder mounted T / TE
Heavy side load Composite or bronze bearings ETS / ET / ETD
High Speed (10-20 in/sec) Ball bearings ETS-X / ET-X / ETD-X
Hi Speed (>20 in/sec) Ball bearings & shock absorbers ETS-X / ET-X / ETD-X
Precision Ball bearings to minimize endplay ETS-X / ET-X / ETD-X
Smooth Motion Ball bearings & flow controls ETS-X / ET-X / ETD-X
Optional or special features (adjustable, cushions, external collars) Block style with OL cylinder mounted ETS / ET / ETD
T / TE


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