New Products: The Electric Advantage

Original Line Electric Actuator (OLE)

After more than 50 years of pneumatic leadership, Bimba Manufacturing recently introduced its first ever rod-type electric actuator – the Original Line Electric, or OLE.

Designed, built and tested to provide the longest life, greatest durability, highest speed and most thrust per dollar, the Original Line Electric can handle a wide range of applications. Standard models are available with thrusts up to 350 pounds, speeds up to (20/22) inches per second and strokes up to 18 inches.

OLE actuators deliver more advantages for more applications, including those requiring increased control and flexibility. Electric advantages include portability, accurate positioning, flexible control, and infinite adjustment. Where cleanliness and indoor air quality are crucial, electrics deliver clean actuation (and are even considered green). Electric actuators can be installed wherever there is access to electrical power and of course, there’s no compressor, air-line maintenance or routing required. If you have special application requirements, let Bimba create custom solutions for your exact engineering needs.

These cylinders are available in 1.5, 2 and 3 inch diameters with a variety of mounting options and can be ordered with or without motors and drivers. Models ordered without motors will be sized to accept your choice of stepper or servo. Or you can order a complete OLE system and Bimba will attach the motor of your choice to the actuator and ship fully assembled.

“This is our most exciting new product launch in more than 10 years,” said Scott Meldeau, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bimba. “Now we can meet our customers' electric actuation needs with the same value for which they’ve come to rely on with our pneumatic solutions, including easy configuration and ordering, on-time delivery, competitive price and superior quality.”

To learn more about Bimba Manufacturing’s first-ever electric solution, click here for videos from Bimba employee and OLE expert Joyce Navarro.

Or tune in to Bimba's YouTube channel as Wes Iversen, Automation World's Managing Editor, interviews Bimba’s Product Manager, Jerry Scherzinger, at Pack Expo 2010.

And while you’re there, check out the fully functional cut-away demo, “Inside the OLE”.


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