Industry Focus: High Performance Food Processing

Food processing has diverse demands, from simple clamping applications and diverters for agricultural product sorting, to more complicated closed loop bottle filling applications. Virtually all of which require resistance to chemical wash downs. Bimba products provide solutions that meet FDA requirements, improve efficiency and reduce ownership costs.

OL All Stainless

Original Line Sainless Cylinder

Manufactured with 303 stainless steel end caps and a 304 stainless steel body, this new product has been designed specifically for wash down applications, as well as many other challenging application environments. The standard design is available in four bore sizes (3/4", 1-1/16", 1-1/2", and 2") and will include a standard 303 stainless steel rod and standard urethane rod wiper designed to withstand exposure to harsh chemical solutions while limiting ingress of the solutions and application matter into the cylinder. Completing the application—specific design selection of materials are PTFE-based rod and pivot bushings which are compatible with a wide variety of commonly used cleaning solutions. Learn more >>

RS Cylinder

Repairable Stainless Cylinder

The Repairable Stainless (RS Series) was initially designed specifically for application in the food industry. As such, we have worked extensively with the USDA to ensure that our product meets USDA and 3-A Sanitary Specifications. The round, smooth bodied design has proven ideal for wash down environments as well as any other applications that require an all stainless steel design such as medical, pharmaceutical, food packaging, chemical etc. Wide ranges of stainless steel mounting accessories are also available. Learn more >>

PC Cylinder

Postion Control Cylinder

The Bimba PC Cylinder has a stainless steel body, stainless steel rod and acetal resin end caps. It is ideal for applications and environments that require exposure to moisture, lubricants and specific solvents. Learn more >>

Mead Isonic® V2 Valve

Mead Isonic® V2 Valve

The V2 Valve's award-winning "half-shell" design allows flow channels and internal component compartments to be designed directly into the molded body sections. In addition, the V2 provides faster manifold connections with a "plug-in" design. The built-in, push-to-connect collets allow for fast and easy tube and manifold connections in seconds without the aid of any tools, virtually eliminating downtime. Learn more >>

Click here to watch a video on how easy the snap and go manifolds are to use.

Custom Food Processing Solution

A wide range of Bimba's standard products can be supplied in all stainless steel versions to meet the specific requirements of the Food and Beverage Industry. Below are two examples of custom products Bimba has designed for the food industry.

  • Hydraulic Rate Control Dampener Hydraulic Rate Control Dampener (Food Equipment)
    A manufacturer of commercial food preparation equipment looked to Bimba to replace a failing, commercially-available dampening mechanism in a fast food grill closure. Through in-depth research, Bimba uncovered the real problem — premature spring fatigue. The Bimba solution was an adjustable, food-grade, oil filled rate control cylinder featuring a needle flash valve arrangement inside a closed loop circuit. This provided the manufacturer with a clear advantage in the fast food market by providing cost savings through improved quality control and reduced service calls.