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You need heavy-duty components for your hard-hitting applications. That's why you should take a closer look at the Bimba companies' capabilities. From TRD Manufacturing's expertise in high quality NFPA-interchangeable cylinders to Mead's market-leading pneumatic components to Bimba's extensive catalog of off-the-shelf and special order solutions — no supplier is better equipped to stand up to your most demanding designs. And with the best delivery in the industry, we can get you what you need when you need it.

Bimba T4 Thruster


At the end of 2008, Bimba released a new heavy duty 'T4' Thruster. Available in bore sizes 2" and larger, this new Thruster offers the smooth actuation found in our T series Thrusters, while providing twice the static load carrying capability. Increasing the number of case-hardened guide shafts from two to four increased load carrying capability (see photo). The T4 Thruster includes the same design features as Bimba's original T series Thruster. The distinct black anodized body houses precision, recirculating ball bearings used on all four guide shafts to provide ultra smooth actuation. Having two additional guide shafts doubles the load carrying capacity and reduces deflection.

"More than doubling [actually 2.5x to 3x static load carrying improvement] the load carrying without doubling the cost is a great advantage for customers with heavy duty applications", said Bimba's Linear Thruster Product Manager, Tom Carlson. "The customer gets a significant increase in load capacity, and a great value. The new T4 Thruster product is a unique design in the market and should capture its share of attention as it becomes available to our distributors and customers."

The new T4 is a great complement to our existing family of Linear Slide products. Bimba currently sells five other Linear Slide products in the market. Bimba began selling the original T series Linear Thruster almost 20 years ago. It offers the same basic features as the new T4, but with the original two guide shaft design. Next, Bimba introduced the TE series thruster, which offered a more economical design with different features and capabilities.

Another linear slide design, the PneuMoment™, offers unique features and functional attributes (no pinch points, internalized plumbing) that differentiate our linear slide product family from comparable competitive offerings. The ET (extruded Thruster) series is also an integral part of the thruster housing, so as the stroke grows, the distance between the bearings grow, enabling the side load rating to remain constant at all strokes. Finally, Bimba's Twin Bore products, including the TB, TBD, and TBA series as well as the LPA and NPA products, offer a wide variety of smaller bore slides for compact applications. Learn more about the T4

TRD HH Series Cylinder


TRD Manufacturing recently announced the introduction of their new HH Series Cylinders, which feature an innovative design to deliver more reliability for heavy-duty industrial hydraulic operations.

TRD's HH Series cylinders can be furnished with hydraulic operated Rod Locks rated for high holding force; actuation sensing feedback is available. Learn More →