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Eliminate Downtime with the New Easy-to-Use Isonic® 2000 Series (2- and 3-Way)

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The new Mead Isonic V2 Valve's award-winning "half-shell" design allows flow channels and internal component compartments to be designed directly into the molded body sections. This eliminates the abrupt air path changes associated with cross-drilled machining in traditional valves. The resultant ribbon-like flow paths create near laminar flow with little energy/pressure drop through the valve.

The Isonic V2 also provides faster manifold connections with a "plug-in" design. The built-in, push-to-connect collets allow for fast and easy tube and manifold connections in seconds without the aid of any tools, virtually eliminating downtime.

Manifolds are available in four or eight station segments, with a single sub-D electrical connection, providing a clean and simple control interface. Manual override is a standard feature on all models, allowing mechanical valve actuation to facilitate system testing and setup. Learn More →

Actuation Applications — Bimba Position Control

Durable, Low-Cost Position Feedback Cylinders for Demanding Applications

feedback-cylinder Bimba Manufacturing's non-contact pneumatic position feedback cylinder (PFCN) was designed for applications that previous technology could not address. Unlike traditional pneumatic feedback technology, the PFCN models are resistant to the effects of moisture, oil, airborne debris, dust and airline contamination. In addition, each cylinder is factory calibrated for precise 0 to 10 volt DC output. This ensures fast, easy installation and field replacement, even in multi-cylinder applications.

Bimba's unique design is key to this improved performance. A proprietary magnetostrictive sensor, fixed inside the cylinder, senses position as the piston moves back and forth. Because of this, cylinders avoid wear and tear from rapid, short-stroke cycling, making them ideal for demanding applications. Along with increased durability, this new sensor design enables Bimba to price the PFCN cylinders far below previous technology. Learn More →

Success Flows Freely When Bottling Company Switches to Bimba

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A bottling equipment manufacturer needed a way to speed the cycle time on their filling machinery. This required a dynamic nozzle that could follow a filling profile, starting out with a rapid fill and slowing as the bottle reached capacity to eliminate spillage. This profile was critical to maximizing speed, while at the same time keeping the process under control.

Previous solutions from competitors could not provide the accuracy or the reliability the customer needed. With orders in hand and failed components on the floor, production was at a standstill and orders were postponed. Threatened with cancellations, the manufacturer turned to Bimba.

Working closely with the customer, Bimba engineers began work on a special position feedback cylinder with a magnetostrictive sensor shrouded in a hollow piston rod. Bimba calibrated every sensor individually for exactly 0-10 V feedback signal output because individual calibration of the 40 units per machine was not possible in production. In the filling environment, it was also critical that the sensor was immune to wear from rapid cycling, moisture, and air line contamination.

For closed loop control, the cylinder was mated to a Bimba PCS control. The valve and manifold assembly were mounted beside the cylinder, and the control, cylinder, and manifold were housed in a sealed chamber to protect them from contamination. This provided the customer with the responsiveness, accuracy, and durability that the process required.

Thanks to Bimba's rapid response, prototypes were delivered within 2 weeks, and production followed shortly afterward. The customer realized throughput gains and reduced production costs from the state-of-the-art design in addition to an increase in sales. Learn More →