Pneumatic Actuators

Round Line (ISO 6432) (Bimba’s ISO Cylinders are designed to be easily interchangeable throughout the world.)


  • ISO 6432
    Bimba’s ISO cylinders are designed to be easily interchangeable throughout the world.
  • PCE
    Ideal for applications that require exposure to moisture, lubricants, and many caustic solvents.

Compact (Space saving cylinders for use in applications with limited area.)

Round Body

Square Extruded Body

  • Metric EF-I
    Metric EF-I series cylinders feature an extruded aluminum body design for international machine requirements.
  • Metric EF-II
    Bimba's metric EF-II series cylinders feature an extruded body, non-rotating design.
  • Metric EFP
    Metric EFP series cylinders provide two distinct extension strokes in the same EF bore footprint to save space.
  • Metric EFQ
    Metric EFQ cylinders double the force output on extension using the same EF bore footprint to save space.
  • Metric EFF
    Metric EFF cylinders feature a compact extruded body design with 4 guide shafts for vertical lifting applications.
  • Stopper Cylinder
    Metric EFL cylinders are designed to stop moving product on conveyors.
  • Metric Twist Clamp
    Bimba's metric EFCL series cylinder rotates 90 degrees as it extends and retracts.
  • MACQ Series
    Extruded metric aluminum body design (for international machine requirements) with fixed length options.

Air Table (Slide)

  • Metric Narrow Profile Air Table
    Bimba's metric NPA series air tables are designed for applications with tight space requirements.
  • Metric Twin Bore Air Table
    Smooth, precise movement, achieved via integration of a highly accurate recirculating ball bushing rail.
  • Metric Double Rod End
    A double rod end provides a saddle-mount unit with improved loading and resistance to deflection.
  • Metric Basic Twin Bore
    Dual bores exert twice the force of a traditional cylinder while providing smooth, non-rotating actuation.

Extruded ISO 15552 (previously 6431) (Extruded body cylinder that meets ISO 15551 (previously 6431) standards)

Extruded ISO 15552 (previously 6431), VDMA 24562

Guided Thruster (For use in non-rotating applications where side or moment loading may be present.)

Standard Load

  • Metric Extruded Thruster
    The ET series extruded thruster is a rugged, guided actuator with a cylinder integral to the thruster block.

Heavy Load

  • Metric PneuMoment™
    These actuators provide smooth, guided, non-rotational motion for carrying heavy loads and larger moments.

Rodless (Linear motion within half the length of rod style actuators.)

Magnetically Coupled

Mechanically Coupled

  • Metric Ultran® Band
    A rodless cylinder providing overall length savings in excess of 40% versus traditional cylinders.

Rotary (Rotational motion solutions for commercial and industrial applications.)

Rack & Pinion

  • MHRQ Rotary Actuator
    MFD offers rack & pinion rotary actuators which are used in material transfer operations.
  • Metric Pneu-Turn®
    Rack and pinion rotary actuators are used in applications such as clamping, camming, indexing, and mixing.

Accessories (Product accessories including switches, fittings, brackets, nuts, shock absorbers and more.)

Fittings/Port Adaptors/Pins

    Pivot/Clevis Pins

    Mounting Brackets

      Clevis Brackets

      Trunnion Brackets

      Foot Brackets

      Pivot Brackets (Eye Brackets)

      Flange Bracket/Mounting Blocks

      Shock Absorber/Proxy Switch Brackets


        Nose Mounting Nuts

        Rod End Nuts

        Rod Attachments

          Alignment Couplers

          Rod Pivots (Rod Eyes)

          Rod Clevis

          Twist Clamp Arm

          Spherical Rod Eye

          Shock Absorbers and Stroke Adjusters

          Transition Plates

          • Transition Plates
            Used to couple Bimba rodless, rotary, and guided actuators together for a variety of multi-axis configurations.


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