New TRD Manufacturing CAD Models

New TRD Manufacturing CAD Models

University Park, IL - Aug. 5, 2014 - We are excited to announce the addition of TRD's CAD models to the Bimba website!

The following are some highlights: 

  • Same general features as Bimba's CAD model system.
  • CAD models are now available for TRD's Series TA, TD, FM, TRA, RS, SS, SS-MS, TAS, MH, HH, PFLF, BTP and accessories.   
  • TRD products can be found under "Actuators- NFPA", and sub divided into Pneumatic or Hydraulic.
  • You can attach accessories to each cylinder model.
  • Product Datasheets are integrated with CAD models and are attached to drawing downloads.
  • "Mobile Device Friendly"

  • The configuration of the model is done on the left and we even include accessories so you know exactly how they go together.  To the right are new 3D previews.
  • The final configured part number is listed at the bottom left with the accessories chosen in parenthesis for easy ordering.
  • Next you will find a Dimensions tab for access to initial dimensions if the customer is looking for a quick way to see if the product will fit their application: 


  • The Materials tab lists out the materials used in the product for ease of reference for the customer:

In addition there is an exciting new ability to download the CAD model with the mates/constraints intact.  This is relatively unique to Bimba in our industry.  This prevents the customer from having to go back in and reconfigure the mates/constraints.  Please keep in mind this feature does take extra time to execute. 

Product Datasheets Are Now Live

Individual product datasheets are now available for TRD's Series TA, TD, FM, TRA, RS, SS, SS-MS, TAS, MH, HH, PFLF, BTP and accessory products. Datasheets for all TRD products are in process and will be released as we finish them. The product datasheets can be downloaded from the "Download" tab and is included with the dimensioned 2D PDF. Benefits of these datasheets include:

  • For the first time, we will have individual datasheets (for most of our products) that describe the product with engineering specifications and features and benefits.
  • A rotatable 3D CAD model that is integrated into the PDF (very cool).
  • A configured part number with accessories that is great to leave behind with the customer for them to include in their BOM as well as share with a colleague or purchasing agent on what to order.


Note:  New CAD models are being added on a regular basis as they are completed.

  • AB121 with Reservoir
  • Multi-Stage (MSE, MSR)
  • Back to Back (BTB)
  • 3 Position (3P)
  • Tandem™
  • Intensifiers
  • HH with rod lock
  • Balluff products