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With over 50 years of pneumatic sales, engineering design, and manufacturing expertise, Bimba has the experience necessary to supply an effective solution for your medical application.

  • Bimba Certified Pneumatic Specialists are experienced in working with a global network of distribution sales personnel to gather all pertinent information needed for medical application review.
  • Bimba’s Engineering Group, which includes pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical engineering expertise has provided both standard and customized solutions to achieve the form, fit and function your medical application requires.
  • Bimba’s ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities provide quality products manufactured to your medical specification, beginning with design prototypes through large quantity manufacture.  



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Standard Bimba actuators are available to service simple instrumentation applications such as door openers and locks or to dispense gases or liquids.

Bimba's custom design capabilities are often solicited by OEM analytical instrument manufacturers to develop customized solutions for applications with limited space or those using aggressive fluids. 

Bimba's stainless steel round line cylinders are used by dental furniture manufacturers for a variety of applications, including automated access to cabinets. Bimba cylinders in conjunction with proximity sensors can detect hand motion, eliminating the need to touch cabinet doors, promoting a more hygienic dental office.

Bimba has worked with SynCardia Systems, Inc. in the development of their 12-lb Freedom™ discharge driver, designed to power the world's only FDA-approved Total Artificial Heart: the SynCardia temporary CardioWest™ Total Artificial Heart. The Freedom™ driver is intended to allow stable Total Artificial Heart patients to leave the hospital and enjoy life at home and in their community while they wait for a matching donor heart.  Bimba has been an integral part in the development of both the pneumatic driver technology and corresponding valving.

As with SynCardia, Bimba's total solution expertise is available to guide the engineering design and manufacture of the most sophisticated electro-medical application.

Bimba pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators are used in a wide range of hospital equipment applications including portable CAT Scans, patient beds, examination tables and medical waste disposal systems.   

Bimba manufactures specialized valves and pumps for a variety of medical applications including dialysis equipment, blood processing systems and fluid distribution.

  • Original Line® Air Cylinder

  • Original Line® All Stainless Steel

  • Original Line Electric® Actuator

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