CSV Series

CSVs are two-hand anti-tiedown controls.  They provide safer operation of air presses, drill fixtures, clamping fixtures, cylinders, valves, or light assembly equipment. Concurrent actuation of the recessed buttons generates a signal.  Releasing either button stops the signal which cannot be re-instituted until both buttons are again actuated concurrently.

  • Low Stress types are for high production applications where operator fatigue is a concern
  • CSV-101W and CSV-102W are designed for use in a wash-down environment
  • CSV-107 logic unit responds to remote signals
  • CSV-107 may be purchased alone or with low stress signal valves
  • CSV-101, CSV-101LS, and CSV-101W have a flow of Cv = 0.11
  • CSV-102, CSV-102LS, and CSV-102W have a flow of Cv = 1.00


How to Order

Pressure Rating:  70 to 100 PSI
CSV-101 Series:  Cv = 0.11
CSV-102 Series:  Cv = 1.0
CSV-107:  Cv = 0.11
CSVs are intended to operate pneumatic valves and cylinders. They are not meant to be used on full or partial revolution fly wheel presses, power brakes, or other similar devices.