Female Branch Tee

Female Branch Tees are available for quick connection of components throughout a fluid handling system.  Recommended for use with 95A Polyurethane tubing, these fittings accommodate tube sizes ranging from 5/32 to ½ OD.  The oval design of the release button provides a larger surface area for tubing disconnection making it easier than the standard round style collets.

  • Tube sizes:  5/32, ¼, 5/16, 3/8 and ½ OD
  • Thread sizes:  10-32 (F), 1/8 NPT (F), ¼ NPT (F), 3/8 NPT (F) and ½ NPT (F)
  • Lightweight, composite construction
  • Suitable for use with vacuum to 29.5” Hg
  • Stainless steel gripping collet ensures tubing connection and tightness
  • Oval release button eases tubing disconnection
  • Fluid Management
  • TRD Manufacturing
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