Automated Glue Pump

Developed for, but not limited, to the automatic dispensing of glue in an industrial environment using simple air pressure and Bimba actuators.

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Battery Acid Pump

Bimba designed a special extruded linear thruster, integrating two extruded thrusters and a center glass body.  The solution featured unique geometry, met specific load requirements and was able to accurately measure acid volume.

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Heart Pump

Bimba has worked with SynCardia Systems, Inc. in the development of their 12-lb Freedom™ discharge driver, designed to power the world’s only FDA-approved Total Artificial Heart: the SynCardia temporary CardioWest™ Total Artificial Heart.  Bimba has been an integral part in the development of both the pneumatic driver technology and corresponding valving.

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Gas Powered Injection Pump

Running on methane gas instead of electricity, this product was designed to handle the corrosive nature of methane while creating a low emissions injector pump.

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Three Chamber Ink Pump

Bimba used an Extruded Thruster as a drive cylinder linked to a self-contained assembly with clear glass tubing so an operator could quickly view ink levels.

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