Hot Water Monitor

Uninterrupted monitoring of process fluids is critical to process continuity.  Testing multiple features at one time in one location exacerbates the complexity.  See how Bimba's design allows for the measuring of flow and temperature with a bypass that allows for uninterrupted normal processing.

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Flow Meter and Volume Chamber

Process fluids often require a variety of tests and controls.  Bimba's design approach combined flow rate with a sampling chamber in this unique breakthrough.

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6-Flat Cylinder

When multiple actuators are in use, the costs of valves, mounting and plumbing can add up.  See what Bimba has did to minimize these costs while maximizing space using manifolds that also act as cylinder endcaps.

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5 Bore Manifold

When space is tight and multiple cylinder bores need to be packed together, a manifold provides the tightest center line to center line design.

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