Round Line

The original round body cylinder that can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications.


Original Line® Air Cylinder
Bimba's non-repairable stainless steel body cylinders are available in 12 bore sizes.
Original Line® 3-Position Image
These cylinders feature a non-repairable design offering two distinct stroke lengths in a single cylinder.
Original Line® with Adjustable Cushions Product Image
Adjustable air cushions reduce cylinder speed, protecting the cylinder from damaging kinetic energy.
Original Line® Magnetic Reed Switch Product Image
Magnetic pistons actuate electronic switches (sold separately) mounted to the cylinder bodies.
Original Line® Non-Rotating Image
A unique square piston rod with rounded corners prevents piston rod rotation.
Original Line® Hole Punch Image
The Original Line Hole Punch is designed to punch millions of holes in thin poly material.
Original Line® with Plastic End Caps Image
Corrosion resistant design features include acetal resin end caps and a stainless steel rod and body.
Original Line® All Stainless Steel Image
Stainless steel end caps and cylinder body are ideal for wash downs applications.
Original Line® Z-Line
Z-Line cylinders are a heavy duty version of the basic Original Line® series with additional features.
Original Line® Rod Lock
The industry standard Original Line® design features a mechanical lock for positive rod positioning.
Single Acting Air Clamps image
Bimba's single acting air clamps provide gripping power on the out stroke and spring retraction.
Miniature Air Cylinders Image
MF and MA series miniature cylinders are designed for use in applications where space is limited.


All Stainless Steel Repairable (Bell Ring) Image
A removable bell ring nut adds repairability to the all stainless steel Original Line® cylinder.
Centaur Image
Repairable Aluminum Body Cylinder Produces Smooth Motion Similar to Hydraulic Cylinder
Double-Wall® Image
An outer wall makes this an extremely durable NFPA-interchangeable cylinder.
Repairable Stainless Image
Repairable all stainless steel cylinders are perfect for wash down use and are USDA approved.