Position Feedback Non-Contact

The PFCN is immune to many of the conditions that deteriorate older technology, such as the presence of moisture, dirt, dirty air lines, and debris generated as pneumatic products wear, especially at high speeds.  The PFCN is calibrated for 0 volts fully retracted, and 10 volts fully extended for all stroke lengths.  Both offset and scale factor are user adjustable.

  • Bore sizes:  1-1/16", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3"
  • Standard stroke lengths:  1" up to 9"
  • Options:  bumpers, extra rod extension, low friction, mounting
  • The PFCN connector is sealed to IP68
  • Use with Bimba PCS for continuous motion control and precise closed-loop positioning
  • Available with or without rod lock



How to Order

Pressure Rating:  150 PSI
Temperature Range:  -20° F (-29° C) to 200° F (95° C)
Buna N Seals:  -20° F (-29° C) to 200° F (95° C)
Maximum Speed:  10 in./sec.
Signal Input:  10 VDC ± 6 mV
Rated Life of Probe:  1400 miles (10 in./sec. - no load)
Excitation Supply Voltage:  24 ± 10% VDC
Rod:  Hard chrome plated carbon steel with blackened threads, wrench flats
Body:  304 stainless steel
End Caps:  Anodized aluminum alloy