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TRD Expands Private Labeling Offering

TRD has expanded its full color private labeling process to a full color thermo printer. Now customers can choose from a 2" x 1" or 2" x 2" label on TRD's reliable silver matte material. Clear overlays are no longer required for protection from the elements or solvents. TRD will work with you to create a custom layout. A full color logo can be used on the labels and customers can determine what information they want printed on the label, such as: 

  • Special Customer Part Number
  • Descriptions
  • Date Manufactured
  • Contact Information

    Once a label has been set-up and approved, it can be added to any order and will not delay normal delivery.

    To learn more contact TRD at sales@trdmfg.com or call (815) 654-7775.

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