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Large Orders Don't Delay TRD's Standard Production

TRD recently expanded production, allowing them to respond to customers' requirements for large orders. With flexible manufacturing system systems, TRD is able to ship large orders in record time. An OEM in Canada required 500 medium duty hydraulic cylinders, TRD delivers in 6 weeks to meet the customer's needs.

A customer in the mining industry required stainless steel SPCS-1 position feedback cylinders for process valve actuations to throttle and control the flow of the product. TRD worked closely with the customer to create a custom solution and then exceeded the delivery expectation.

A railroad industry customer came to TRD with an order for 1200 cylinders when their current supplier could not meet the necessary delivery. TRD met their delivery and maintained standard delivery lead times on all other orders.

TRD takes delivery seriously. We are set up to manufacture your custom products, in any quantity, in the quickest turnaround possible.

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