Bimba's Successes Draw National Attention

Bimba's Successes Draw National Attention

Bimba SuccessUniversity Park, IL – June 3, 2013 – Representative Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) has been touring the country promoting his “Make it in America” plan, a campaign to strengthen domestic manufacturing and job creation. On May 30, Rep. Hoyer traveled to the Midwest to put a spotlight on manufacturing operations that are succeeding, growing, and creating jobs. First stop: Bimba Manufacturing.

To dramatize the importance of manufacturing to the nation’s economy, Mr. Hoyer and Representative Robin Kelly (D-Illinois) from Bimba’s home Congressional District, visited the company’s suburban Chicago factory.

Rep. Hoyer and Rep. Kelly received a tour of the plant’s new Haas Machine Center, the Turning Center, and finished product offerings (Ultran, Pneu-Turn, OL, Flats, DW, CSS). Afterwards, Rep. Hoyer discussed some of the ways Bimba impressed him, one of the most significant being the Company’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan, now in its twenty-seventh year.

“It was a particular pleasure to meet the owners who work here. They take such pride in what they are doing,” said Rep. Hoyer. Bimba is a 100% employee-owned company, making it one of the private companies with the most positive record of sustaining jobs in America. As Bimba president Pat Ormsby said, “Bimba’s business is constantly growing, with 500 employees today, compared with 110 in 1986.”

Rep. Hoyer also stressed the “need to get young people focused on those skill sets that will enable them to live the American dream.” He and Rep. Kelly are working on a bill that calls for the creation of a pilot program to train and educate workers in advanced manufacturing. Rep. Kelly said, “We must make certain that money is used in a productive manner through our community colleges and agencies that train workers, because I’ve heard it over and over that people can’t find enough skilled workers.”

Here too, Bimba has taken a leadership position, serving as a Diamond Supplier of the FIRST Robotics Competition, which introduces young people to science and technology. This year, Bimba donated more than 1,800 cylinders to program contestants. In addition, Bimba is involved in the LEAP Employer-Educator Compact, which offers training events, senior projects, and internships to college students.

“’Made in America’,” said Rep. Hoyer, “has been, and still is, a label envied throughout the world. Our factories continue to produce quality products at affordable prices, products that make the world run. We are still the world’s leading manufacturing nation. Our plan, therefore, has focused on manufacturing because of the significant impact that sector has on the economy. Manufacturing has traditionally created high-skill, high-wage jobs that sustain our middle class. Manufacturing also has a multiplier effect, which yields $1.48 for the wider economy for every dollar we invest. There’s also something intangible we get from making things in America, a sense of pride that the products we use and sell around the world were built right here in our communities.”

One of those communities lies a few miles southwest of Chicago, and for the last 56 years it has been home to Bimba Manufacturing, a company that Rep. Kelly calls “a shining example of the best the 2nd district has to offer.”


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