Bimba Introduces SPCS Pneumatic Motion Control System

Bimba Introduces SPCS Pneumatic Motion Control System

University Park, IL – Dec 17, 2012 – Bimba Manufacturing announced today the introduction of its new SPCS pneumatic motion control system. The high flow servo pneumatic control valve provides closed loop motion control when used with direct feedback pneumatic actuators, such as Bimba’s PFC, PFCN and PTF models.

This easily configured control system can provide flow in excess of 46 scfm @ 80 psig (820 SLPM @ 6 bar) and accurately position loads greater than 200 pounds at 20 inches per second (accuracy ± 1% of actuator’s full stroke). This type of performance enables the SPCS to service positioning applications found in many commercial and industrial machinery segments including packaging, food, metal working and other process equipment.

“We are very excited for our customers to be able to offer them this state-of-the-art closed loop pneumatic valve which can approach positioning accuracies usually only found with electric actuators, especially for loads up to 425 pounds,” said Don Harris, Product Marketing Manager for Bimba.

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